I did it...I made an Etsy shop all for my little self!!! Hurrah!!! Now, though, I'm at the bottom of what looks like a VERY steep learning curve. Any and all advice would be gratefully received...I seem to have spent all day at the computer and my wee fingers are starting to *hurt*. Still, I've done it now.

The next time I find myself thinking 'I can't be bothered', or an equivalent, I'm going to change it to 'I'm scared of this'. Procrastination isn't just the thief of time, it's the breeder of terror. Mild anxiety about something new is changed into abject terror by over thinking what you have to do to do whatever it is you're anxious about (still with me? that was a dreadful sentence...).

Now, I have to take more photos, list more stuff, read the newbie information, work out how to get a button on my blog...all these good stuffs. And, just for good measure, I've started up a selling stuff blog, too, but that's going to have to wait til tomorrow before I have a go at it. Meanwhile, my user name at Etsy is 'artmixter' (no surprises there, huh...). Wish me luck...give me feedback...give me strong drink (it's been a long day...). Actually, scrap that last one, I'm on a diet. As well.
Three Red Suns (below) seems to have lost some binding in the photograph...wish I could lose weight as easily...still, it's only Day Two. Ask me how I'm doing, Day 22...

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Comment by julie mackinder on September 19, 2007 at 2:52pm
Hey Marion! Good to see you here. Now we're both going to be too busy networking to get anything done lol. Your Three Red Suns above is lovely - gorgeous colours and I love the stitching too. (Thinks - must get my sewing machine sorted out!)
Comment by Sandra Wyman on September 19, 2007 at 1:34pm
Love the colours!
I know what you mean about procrastination being the product of sheer terror: I go there often! even if I actually overcome the terror and it all goes right I end up terrified it'll go wrong again so I even end up procrastinating in the middle of things...

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