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These were three trees between me and the Pacific Ocean, a few blocks away. On a glorious red sunset, I knew exactly how to grow them in my forever garden repetoire. The fronds are of traditional and upholstery fabrics. The "dates" are various non-precious stones and beads. The vining that dangles is made of every hand embroidery stitch suitable. Only the background is machine pieced. All else is entirely handwork. Rug hooking canvas lines the inside, with the batting, adding support and longevity to the work. Private collection.


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Comment by Robbin Neff on September 19, 2012 at 10:48am

Thank you.  God lit the scene, and I copied it in my sketchbook, then an art quilt.  It was a blast.  This is one of my favorites and I do not own it.  It has a sister almosted finished.  That quilt is a blue-orange theme.  Aparantly (sp?) I am doing a series called Palm Prints, like finger prints.  It is multi-media and has been really fun to work on.  It keeps growing unexpectedly, lol.  Thee will be a third one with the purple-orange colors.  That particular Palm Print group is called as a working title.  I don't like it for a title at all.  Eventually more creative, and imaginative title will develop.  Let's see if I can load a pic of the blue-orange in progress. 


Well!  That's not where the pic was supposed to show up in this dialogue!  It's here though.  There will beading and embroidery below the fronds of the palm, as in the red-green Palm Print.  Likewise the thirds will have the need for the embroidery and beaded dates.  Living now in FL, the resouces are plentiful, and one gem has already delighted me.  It is a very yellow palm.  With the lavender sky, well there you have it.  I will be posting the progress on these as they come along on here and my blogspot.  Search for me and you will find me.


Thanks again and thanks for joining the fun group.  We are very busy and do not get much time to write.  I talk a lot, and y'all are some of who I talk to a lot.   I just get excited about life, and the opportunity to be an artist and getting to play at it.  Whee!  Off to do the paperwork that goes with the play, now.  Bye.

Comment by Janis Doucette on September 17, 2012 at 8:16pm

This is so cool!

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