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Bodacious Beading

4 lessons - 4 weeks

From subtle to outrageous, beading is a fabulous way to embellish your work. You will learn the basic techniques that are the foundation of all beading on fabric. These stitches all start simply and can be added onto to create intricate bead effects. We will cover seed stitching, moss stitch, couching, backstitch, fringe, picot and peyote stitches as well as using bugle beads. We will make a fun little reference book so you will always have all of your bead techniques close at hand.



According to You

4 lessons - 4 weeks

A mixed media collage book worked in a standing accordion format for display or in a traditional book format. Have you ever been frustrated with collage and felt unsure if your collage was any good? How about that nagging question of when is it finished? Did I put on too many embellishments?

In this 4 session class we will learn design and composition basics that are necessary for great collages. We will also discuss how to develop a theme from the small kernel of an idea into a piece of art. You can choose to create a wall hanging instead of a book format but the book format gives you 4 small collages to work on to help develop design and composition skills.

In the second week we will discuss using imagery and symbols and how to incorporate those into our collages. We will play with a variety of image transfer techniques that are simple and foolproof. Next we will learn how to create real and virtual layers that bring interest and meaning to our collages. Finally we will add finishing embellishments and assemble our collages into an accordion book format.

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