The above link was shared by Christy, in another Ning group I belong to. If you are journaling, you will love this and may want to jump in and participate. I may be behind, but because it's a blog, I can follow along without pressure. It's really helping me dig some important stuff up...from within, if you know what I mean. Plus, the prompts are fun, do-able and interesting.

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I found this blog earlier today,it's fantastic,I'm hoping to start next week .
I ran across this blog and love both the journaling prompts and the videos that go along with them:
I am starting this art journal putting it off because I have been at longggg red light as far as creating is concerned! Time to step on the gas...

I am new to this group but I assume we can upload what we are working on?? I will also put it on my blog.

Of course, Michelle! We have a thread just for that! Look for "Show us your pages"
Thanks so much for sharing this link. I immediately grabbed my journal and did the first exercise. Can't wait to see what the next day's prompt brings.
Milliande has a wonderful NING group and I've followed her for a while, now.  She makes wonderful, inspiring Youtube vids, as well...and if you want some real inspiration for a back yard studio, you gotta see hers.  :)
I started a journal with the Sarah Whitmire prompts.  I never finished all the prompts, but it got me going in a new direction.  Always helpful.  :)


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