I love all things fibre....felting, spinning, weaving, knitting etc..I am thinking of buying an embellisher but not quite sure how I could best use it.  Has anyone got any experience of one?

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I have an embellished and I just love it! You can do so much to fabrics like organza, silk and wool. There are lots of great websites and you tube videos you can check out. There are days that I cannot decide whether to sew or use the embellisher. I think you will like it if you get one!

Thanks Mary for your reply....I think your comments have help me make up my mind!! I am planning various possible projects using felt  and embellishing on to it.  I think it would work!! I'll keep you posted! Yours is the first comment I have received on this site - so doubly exciting! All the best, Alison

I'm not sure if I saw an embellisher this past Sat. or not but it was a sort of long armed sewing machine without a needle that let you do needle punch of yarns and fibers using the machine alone onto fabric.  I would love to have one of these myself but the price is way too high for my budget.  My husband drew a butterfly and cut out the design and the woman demonstrating  the machine had him pick out the fibers and she p ut the down for him and then we decided on an ombered ribbon for the final outline of the piece.  The end result was really impressive.  Anyone out there who can afford such a machine should go for it.  It's great.

I hope this helps you. 

Thanks for your reply.  I am still considering buying an embellisher.  I agree about the cost, but I have a small business and sell a lot - so that way I can justify spending money!!! I'll let you know.

I would try somone elses first . they have stoped selling them in Australia because of too many being bought back. i find you have to be very patient otherwise you go through needles like wildfire.

Hi Sue-ellen, Well I bought an embellisher and absolutely LOVE it!! I find it extremely easy to use (much easier than a sewing machine as there are no threads, spools needle breakages. ) I have zoomed around for hours...and so far all needles in tact.  I highly recommend it.  If you take a look at my blog sometime I have started putting some pictures of my embellishing on it.  Watch this space..fibrefrenzi.blogspot.com    Greetings from the south coast of the U.K. Alison

I have several felting machines and I like them all. My brother even converts Singer Featherweight into felting machines. We've converted garage sale and estate sale finds into fellers. I find them quite delightful to work with and if you have a small business that can justify the expense and also create a need for mass production, Hand felting is delightful as well, but with the machine you can do so many projects in so little time, which import if that is a source of income. Feel free to ask me questions or pick my brain on specifics. I love felting and am always willing to share what I know. My blog is ritablocksom2.blogspot.com (there is some felting there) and I am on Pinterest with a felting board as well. 


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